Circles.Life Flexi Plan – The Race to Zero has Started flexi plan
Earlier in May I was greeted with an email alert that was coming out with a free mobile plan ($0/m). As a consumer with multiple wireless gadgets, this of course meant that I could get a free cellular service for my spare mobile phone at home and/or power my cellular iPad whenever I need to step out of my home.
It comes with 1GB of data, 30 mins of talkative and 10 SMS which is pretty decent if you’re a ‘lite’ user. Even if you do top-up 1GB of extra data, it only sets you back by SGD8 one-time.
I’m not sure how Circles Life plans to make their money but I figured that they want to gain market share ahead of all the other MVNOs such as MyRepublic, Zero Mobile, hoping to have them bleed a lot longer and see who survives in the end. Hopefully along the way some of these $0/m users will move to a paid plan…
Anyway the race to zero has started. And it started with a real zero.

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