Whatsapp offering free voice calls

Right after getting bought out by Facebook for a massive amount of money, Whatsapp announced that they will be offering free voice calls this year in the 2nd quarter.

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Looks like Whatsapp is playing catchup with its rivals such as LINE, WeChat and Viber.

As a serial Whatappers, I can’t wait!

Facebook buys Whatsapp

Woke up this morning reading that Whatsapp is being bought by Facebook for a massive massive US$16bn dollars.


To me this move makes total sense and plugs a gap in its users communication needs. Facebook already has some kind of mobile messaging presence with its Messenger app. I do use it often to keep it touch with Facebook friends. However, for day to day chats with friends, colleagues, family and contacts, I use Whatsapp in addition with my other messaging apps. Most of these folks are not on my Facebook, especially the bosses…

World’s largest annual migration

Every Lunar New Year, ethnic Chinese around the world travel long distances to visit friends and relatives during the 15 days of the festival. No where is this more apparent than in China where the bustling cities are home to many migrant workers from the countryside. A large number of these workers endure the long train rides over thousand of miles to visit their loved ones back home, often bringing gifts from the city.

Over the Lunar New Year weekend which just passed, my car’s odometer told me I clocked 500+ kilometers over 3 days. Puny by Chinese standards but massive if you consider that Singapore is only about 50KM from the east to west.

For this Lunar New Year, Baidu has released an awesome Chinese New Year migration map where for the first time, you can visually observe where most people leaving the big cities are heading to amongst other interesting info.

Baidu created this map based on its LBS Open Platform which is built into apps such as Baidu Maps. The map is updated hourly for 8 hours a day.

How to get 10TB of cloud storage free

A couple of weeks back I posted on how you could get 50GB of FREE cloud storage space from BOX.net If you enjoyed getting that 50GB, imagine 10TB totally FREE!!!

Here’s what you need to do to get that MASSIVE amount of free cloud storage for yourself. Simply follow the steps listed on this page.

The 10TB of space is being provided for by WeiYun, from TenCent the makers of the popular WeChat social mobile messaging app.



SkyDrive changes name to OneDrive

Last Monday, Microsoft announced that SkyDrive will be renamed OneDrive going forward.

The decision to rename it came about after a U.K. court case between Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB) and Microsoft. Microsoft came out with a nice video showcasing some of the possibilities you could do with OneDrive when it is re-launched.

I don’t know about you, but I am eagerly awaiting the launch! Sign up to be notified for their launch here