How old are you?

How old do I look? 

Typically a question asked during social gatherings and one that has gotten a lot of guys with little EQ into hot soup with their dates.

Seems to be also the latest craze on Facebook. My news feed is swarmed with everyone trying out this new site from Microsoft – 

An attempt by the guys at Microsoft to showcase how rapid application development (RAD) can be achieved with Microsoft’s impressive Azure platform. (Blog post)

I did a test with a photo I took with my elder son just to see how old Microsoft thought I was. Here’s what Microsoft thought of me and my son (Javian). Looks like with 75% of my face visible and with Instagram filters applied (Rise filter if you are curious), I look 19 years old. Flattering definitely. Not too happy about being thought of as a member of the fairer sex though…

Javian was 2 years old when this photo was taken so he’s not too stoked about being thought of as 250% of his age. He’s literally pouting now as I type.

From Microsoft’s post, it apparently took 2 developers 1 day to code this, so it’s really impressive. I have worked in a few companies in my career thus far – some large MNCs and also in government organisations and to get anything done in a day is amazing. For almost all my projects, 1 day is about enough time for me to schedule a meeting with my IT developers to run through my requirements documentation. Then I need to wait 1 month for them to come back to me with a quotation of man-effort, etc etc… Heck, I have even met vendors who quoted me 2 man-days to change some static text on a simple website (with existing CMS provided)…

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 11.32.08 pm

Facebook buys Whatsapp

Woke up this morning reading that Whatsapp is being bought by Facebook for a massive massive US$16bn dollars.

To me this move makes total sense and plugs a gap in its users communication needs. Facebook already has some kind of mobile messaging presence with its Messenger app. I do use it often to keep it touch with Facebook friends. However, for day to day chats with friends, colleagues, family and contacts, I use Whatsapp in addition with my other messaging apps. Most of these folks are not on my Facebook, especially the bosses…