Sony – Fighting fire with fire

Well, you must have heard about the Sony hacks by now. As if that weren’t enough troubles for Sony already, Network World just  reported that Sony used Amazon Web Services to counter-DDOS websites hosting leaked content from Sony. Amazon is definitely not happy with Sony. Looks like Sony plans to fight fire with fire.

Sony – naughty naughty…



Contributor – A sign of things to come?

Google recently launched an experiment which allows web users an opportunity to skip ads and fund websites through a subscription model known as Contributor

Summary of the service – as a contributor, you get to skip ads and will see a nice ‘Thank you’ message in place of annoying adverts.

Check out their website and see how it works, content sites such as my favourite Mashable are already on board.

CNBC reported this here

Unlimited is the new Limit

It seems like everything is going unlimited these days. And I mean everything…
Example, for $3.45 a month you get unlimited cloud storage space with unlimited bandwidth for your website.

That’s cheaper than a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

For $68 a month you get unlimited talktime and SMS with one of the local carriers – Starhub

This week, Microsoft announced that they will be upping the storage limits for their Office 365 product –

Rolling out in batches, subscribers to their Office product will enjoy unlimited storage on their OneDrive product at no additional costs. Existing Office 365 subscribers typically get 1TB of space which by itself is already massive.

I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna upload my whole PC to the cloud once my Office 365 account is upgraded!

The future is indeed exciting!

Up Finally!

Finally, after a hiatus of months, the blog is finally back online!


Embarrassing to say, my previous webhosting company – StyleX Networks went bust last month and I had been trying to restore the site since then. This… happening to a guy who started his cloud hosting company at age 20. 🙁


Well, finally all my sites have been recovered and are back in business!

SkyDrive changes to OneDrive with pleasant surprises

A couple of months back SkyDrive was renamed to OneDrive following a UK court ruling. As part of that rebranding exercise Microsoft gave out 10 Petabytes (10,000 Terabytes) to users in an online contest.

Unfortunately I was not one of the 100,000 users to receive 100GB of extra space. However Microsoft was nice enough to send me a 20GB consolation by way of an ‘Enthusiast Bonus’.

Coupled with my paid 20GB top-up and a free 3GB given by OneDrive as part of their Camera Roll bonus I have a nice 68GB quota in my OneDrive account.

If you have not used the Camera Roll upload feature of the OneDrive iOS App (also available on the Android version), you should try it. Every couple of days I turn on the OneDrive App and it automatically uploads all newly captured photos to my OneDrive account, ensuring that I never lose my photos if I ever misplace my phone (pray never..).

In addition to being an insurance policy for your special moments, it is also a great way to view your photos on your laptop without actually having to manually sync your photos to your laptop.


Our data storage journey, then and now

Do you remember the times when we all carried our work in 3.5inch diskettes? Fast forward to now when most of our data is stored on flash USB drives, on cloud storage providers such as, DropBox, OneDrive, etc. The world has changed…

Here’s an interesting slideshow from ComputerWorld on how our data storage solutions have evolved over the last few decades. 

Begin Slideshow

Boeing Launches Super-Secure Android SmartPhone

Yes, you read that right. Boeing – the makers of the much-beloved 777, 747 and 787 passenger liners have just announced they will be joining the already crowded Android smartphone market.

Branded as ‘Boeing Black‘, this sleek super-secure Android smart device supports dual SIM cards, has disk encryption and the ability to erase all data if the casing is tampered with. This is one phone that James Bond would love !


Read more:
TheNextWeb’s article




Whatsapp offering free voice calls

Right after getting bought out by Facebook for a massive amount of money, Whatsapp announced that they will be offering free voice calls this year in the 2nd quarter.

Read more here and here

Looks like Whatsapp is playing catchup with its rivals such as LINE, WeChat and Viber.

As a serial Whatappers, I can’t wait!

Facebook buys Whatsapp

Woke up this morning reading that Whatsapp is being bought by Facebook for a massive massive US$16bn dollars.

To me this move makes total sense and plugs a gap in its users communication needs. Facebook already has some kind of mobile messaging presence with its Messenger app. I do use it often to keep it touch with Facebook friends. However, for day to day chats with friends, colleagues, family and contacts, I use Whatsapp in addition with my other messaging apps. Most of these folks are not on my Facebook, especially the bosses…